Do You Have Questions About Honda Auto Service & Repair in the Saco, ME. Area?

Keeping your Honda Accord, Fit, or Ridgeline is extremely important, and we understand why. The service team at Prime Honda - Saco recommends getting car maintenance regularly. Before you book an appointment, we recommend taking a look at some of our frequently asked questions below. Afterward, if you still have questions or concerns about auto service near Dayton, please contact us.

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Does Prime Honda - Saco Offer Pickup & Delivery for Service?

Yes, Prime Honda - Saco offers Prime Pickup & Delivery for service appointments. Our customers throughout Saco and South Portland can take advantage of this complimentary service. Whether your Honda Civic needs a tire rotation or your Honda CR-V needs an oil change, we're here to help while you practice social distancing. Simply give our Honda service center a call, and one of our staff members will work all the details out with you. Remember that our Prime Pickup & Delivery services are 100% free of charge for our customers, and we will drop-off your vehicle once repairs are complete.

What is Contact Free Service?

Prime Honda - Saco also offers contact-free service for drivers around Dayton. For the safety of our clients and team members, we are cleaning each vehicle before and after drop-off appointments. In addition, Prime Honda-Saco continues to follow the CDC sanitation guidelines. Our staff is using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which includes masks, gloves, as well as interior vehicle coverings on the floor, seats, and steering wheel. The health of drivers throughout Old Orchard Beach and Scarborough is paramount.

What Are The Benefits of Frequent Service?

The biggest benefit of auto service is the safety and protection of you and your passengers. We want to keep you well-protected no matter where your travels take you. Of course, getting frequent service appointments will also keep your vehicle's performance up to par. When you bring your Honda down to our service center, our specialists will check all the components of your vehicle-you will have the peace of mind you deserve.

How Do I Know When It's Time to Service My Vehicle?

You may come across some warning signs when it is time to service your car. For instance, you may see a light come up on your dash or hear an unusual noise. We recommend setting up a full-service appointment at least one time a year. That way, our professionals can perform a full vehicle inspection from the inside out.

How Often Should I Get an Oil Change?

At Prime Honda - Saco, we specialize in oil changes, and we recommend getting an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000-miles. Some of our newer Honda models can drive up to 7,000-miles on one oil change, but we suggest checking your owner's manual to find the exact mileage.

How Often Should I Check My Fluid Levels?

Your vehicle's fluids, including the engine coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, motor oil transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid are all important. Our service technicians suggest checking your vehicle's fluids every 5,000-miles or when you bring your Honda vehicle down to our service center for routine maintenance.

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

Your vehicle's air filter should be changed every 20,000-miles or once a year, whichever comes first. If you drive a vehicle that comes equipped with a turbocharged engine, there is a chance that you may have to replace it sooner-but we can do that for you!

How Often Do I Need to Get My Brakes Checked?

If you are wondering how often you need to get your brakes checked, we at least once every 10,000-miles. If you happen to hear any strange noises coming from your brakes, do not wait to get them inspected! Bring your Honda car to our service department as soon as you can for brake repair or an inspection.

When Should I Replace My Brake Pads?

Your brakes and brake pads work together. It is common for your brake pads to wear out because we rely on them for daily driving. You should replace your brake pads anywhere between 25,000-50,000-miles. Of course, this depends on your driving habits.

When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

Usually, a car battery can be replaced every 3 to 4-years, depending on how you drive and the weather. If you feel like your vehicle is having a hard time starting, we can inspect it for you at our Honda service department.

When Do I Need to Get a Tire Rotation?

Our Honda service technicians recommend getting your tires rotated every 7,500-miles or every six months, whichever comes first. When you come in for your routine maintenance appointment, we can rotate your vehicle's tires for you.

How Much Air Pressure Should I Put into My Tires?

Pounds per square inch or PSI can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. The PSI can range between 30 and 35. To get the exact number for your vehicle's tires, you can also check the owner's manual, or you can find it inside of your vehicle.

How Often Do Tires Need To Be Replaced?


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Tires are one of the most important parts of your car, truck, or SUV. Typically, tires can last anywhere between 35,000-60,000-miles before they need to get replaced. This depends on your driving habits and the various terrain you drive on.

Do I Have to Schedule An Appointment To Get My Vehicle Serviced?

We recommend scheduling a service appointment by calling our service center or by setting up an appointment online. If you have a day and time that works out for you, it's best to set up your appointment ahead of time.

Are You Looking for Auto Service & Repair Needs?

You will find plenty of auto service and repair options right here at Prime Honda - Saco. We are conveniently located at Our service center is located at 754 Portland Road Route 1 - "The Automile" in Saco, ME, which is a short drive from Old Orchard Beach and Scarborough, ME.