If you own a Honda Accord or Honda CR-V, you may come across a time where you will have to replace your battery. At our Honda service department, a battery replacement can take about 30 minutes to complete from beginning to end. If your car needs any additional services performed, then your wait time may vary.

If you need a quote for a battery replacement, we suggest giving our service department a call directly. Our service team can pull up various battery prices for your model.

How Can I Tell I Need a Car Battery Replacement?

It's easy to tell if you need a car battery replacement. If your engine is not cranking and your lights are not turning on or seem dim, you may have a weak car battery on your hands. Luckily, our Honda service technicians have been helping drivers throughout Saco, Scarborough, and Portland with battery service for many years. Our experts know all the components that make up your vehicle.

If your vehicle needed a jump-start more than three times in the same week, you will want to set up a service appointment with us as soon as possible.

Visit Prime Honda – Saco for Battery Replacement Services Today

If you feel like your car battery is weak or it may stop working on you, please be sure to contact our service professionals. At Prime Honda – Saco, we are here to help you with your auto service needs. We look forward to working with you soon!

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